long story- short & long story- LOOONG

So I'll save you the how and why of it and just tell you that a young (but huge) red tailed hawk took down a rabbit and ate it in the middle of the English Walled Garden in the middle of my volunteer shift on Sunday. It was cool, and a little gross.

extended version- Ok, I get to the Chicago Botanic Garden for my 3rd to last time and the sky opens up and it pours rain... but I can't go home because I have a limited amount of time in which I can fulfill my volunteer obligation. So I hide under a portico for a while, then decide to go and see if the pepper pot (a small structure on one side of the garden) is open. To my dismay, it is jam packed with these terrible people doing a photo shoot of these really bad screaming kids. Their mother was a plastic sugery victim with Yves St. Laurent jeans on. So I can't hang there, no way. So I decide to tromp around the lake with my fashionable umbrella. The cloudy day makes a good opportunity to snap some photos of things I'm writing articles about. So I walk the whole lake, maybe a 1/2 hour walk and when I round the corner back to the English Walled Garden I see the hawk. I spent my time watching him trying to get people to leave him alone because the rain has cleared and there's some sort of function for fertility in the pavillion. So behind me are 2 fighting hummingbirds, 30 sets of triplets and... I kid you not... a giant TinkyWinky from the Teletubbies, who is also watching the hawk. Now that's the long story.