My trip to Vermont- Day 1

Ok, Josie. Correct me anyplace I go wrong.
I was at the airport at 6am-ish. I believe people shouldn't dress to casually on planes. I mean, where have all good manners gone? So I'm wearing the pants that give me a rash and cute, kitten heeled shoes. Which I had to take off in the name of Homeland Security.
The plane was the size of a cigar tube and the ride was not that comfortable due to that fact. However, it ended just when I needed it to and that was nice. There in Albany, was Josie. As perfectly cute as I left her in the most Josie-like sweater ever created. My luggage was the first piece off (I amfinding that to be true, folks. If your luggage is perfect hot pink ultra-suede apparently you get taken care of first.
We left the airport and started our 2 hour journey from Albany to the town in Vermont that she's staying at for the next few months, Marlboro. Within minutes, we are in a thrift store. I got a kick-ass handbag and 2 blouses. Josie got 1,000 things.
Next, we attempted to visit these old people that live in the middle of nowhere that Josie knew from Maine or whatever. I was quite sure that, while we were on their property trying to get in,we were going to get shot. However no one ever came to the door so we moved on. (more on day 4).
Josie took me through Bennington, the tiny town where she went to school. It was cute and the size of a pin. However, size does not matter when you have the Blue Ben Diner. Amazing!In those parts, there are giant hills( the Adirondacks)... Not quite mountains and not overly impressive this time of year. However, the little rushing rivers that ran along the highways every where charmed the heck out of me. The birch trees are happy in Vermont. Water and birch trees are charming to a Chicago girl like me, we don't have either.
What is not charming? No freakin' wildlife anywhere. I saw 2 birds and one duck... And a deer's fleeing ass. This thing called "hibernation" was mentioned 200 times but it just seems illogical to me that any animal would just "sleep" through winter. Right. Sure they do.
The cabin is charming but incongruous to the surrounding area. I have my own space to throw clothes around in- Josie has made 2 kinds of soup... And a hot tub...
to be continued...