Bring out the dead!

RIP, it was nice knowing you...
Weigela 'Midnight Wine'
mystery Weigela
A ninebark 'Diablo'
A Nishiki Willow
2 random Miscanthus
6 Hakone grass of very questionable background

on the sick or missing list...
the aforementioned *%$#@&%$ willow
Babtisia Australis
my smoke bush. I love that little guy.
is it too early for the Buddlias?
the landscapers accidentially RIPPED MY KNOCKOUT OUT OF THE GROUND...

later... smokebush makes a full recovery and one hakone is wheezing an attempt at life

p.s. 2 days later... one buddleia has a sprout and the babstisa came back from the dead in 2 days and is now proudly stretching a whole 4" tall!