Historic moment in rock and roll history

We had to throw away our vacuum last week, it was all clogged up and we couldn't fix it.

That's when I blew coffee out my nose laughing and sayin' "yeah, it was never the same after I used it on Tom Petty's rugs"...

He was here in Chicago a few years ago for a couple days and they had a bunch of oriental rugs with giant balls of visible-from-stage rug fiber and dust. So naturally I suggested I bring in my vacuum to clean them up a bit. But the only time available between the soundcheck and the show was while people were filing in.

So I'm there in a full length apron over a goofy polyester dress and with slippers on, vacuuming while rabid fans stream in yelling "Hey vacuum lady!"

Yeah, a shining moment.

And they killed my vacuum.

But I have some super cool guitar picks though... I'd scan them but they are all packed up.