Buddleia Smackdown!

Compact Buddleia? What's the point?

As a recent city gardener, I just don't get it. Why would you want a smaller Buddleia? Even in my cramped Chicago yard I had 2 of the real deal, big ol

gangly Buddleia...

I just accidentally bought a 'purple emperor' Buddleia, planted it... and then realized it was a shrimp. I wanted a 'purple knight' but they didn't over winter at work, where I got the stuff.

I was looking for a giant, fence top peaking monster of a plant and this lil' guy isn't going to get tall enough to ride the rides at the county fair. Although, truthfully, different sources report different sizes for the 'emperor'... some up to 6'... the tag siad 4x4 and that blows.

Back he goes...