Massacre in Nishiki town!

Damn rabbits.

It looks like someone took pruners to the poor thing.
I pulled this Nishiki Willow out of the dumpster at JH&G and gave it a quick prune and it came back so nicely! Lots of new, pinky coral leaves on the top and a lot of new growth at the bottom. I love Willows, I can't help it.
I have it in a bed where it plays off a Lysimachia 'Alexander' and a Fallopia japonica variegata, since they all have the same leaf color scheme of creamy white and green with a touch of blush.
Apparently rabbits don't care about my matchy matchiness.
I have sprinkled my Bull's Blood Beets with tons of Cayenne pepper and still they are getting mowed down to the ground. I'm now on a Cayenne/black pepper mix. What's a city girl to do? I have always laughed at people that were at their wit's end with rabbits and snarkily commented that they should get a dog. Well guess what. That isn't working. Nothing is....