discount days

Ok, the garden center I pass on my way home has perennials at 50% so I bought a Knifophia 'red hot poker' and a Clematis tanguitica. I also bought a giant fluffy Rosemary that I am going to pledge to keep alive indoors.
I have been looking for a Clematis tanguitica for a while, surprised to find 2 on some on a limestone path in the middle of nowhere. I remember the blooms being more greenish than in these photos. Hm. So the new house is yellow and this will look lovely growing on the back fence we have not yet put in. I have a Sweet Autumn Clematis sitting in a pot on the side of the driveway that I plan on planting on the old timey laundry line that still exists on the side of the house. What else can I hang from the laundry line that would look cute?