Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rose Rosette Virus

I love roses- and I want others to love roses! I truly believe they are one of the easiest things to grow with the best of payoffs... however, things like rose rosette come along and goof up my good public relations...

I first learned of this virus last year and then I saw 2 cases total last summer.

This year I have seen about 30 cases- from customers' yards to multiflora roses in ditches and roadsides. It seems to not like Knockouts- thank Baby Jesus.

This virus is passed from rose to rose by a mites that can travel miles so gooooood luck preventing it. It's super catchy. I can tell you it's fatal, it's just a matter of time- I don't care what anyone else says.
It's characterized by a kind of red stunting of new growth - it's pretty easy to pick out- however when Japanese beetles have eaten this new growth then you're really screwed because then it's hard to pick up on indeed.

The most important part is to get the hell rid of the thing once you dig it out. Burn it if you can. Bag it immediately after digging it so the mites don't get a free fling around town...

ick. mites. I need a bath now.
Update: yeah, I've seen it on Konckouts now. Look out world...