A song I sing when drunk

I learned this song when I was briefly a "docent" at the Morton Arboretum... what? I never told you that I worked there? Um yeah, short and full of glory. I fell into the DuPage river up to my waist on my first tour. Ruined my new Vans.

Anywhooooo- I leaned this song. I'll sing it to you someday after a few cocktails...

Know, Know Your Oaks”Sung to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat." The hand motions for the song are in parenthesis.

Know, know, know your oaks (tap your temple with your finger)

This is how they grow—

(palms up, arms out to side)Red Oaks

(hands straight up in the air)White Oaks Add Image

(hands still up high, but at your sides)

Pin Oaks (hands straight out to your sides),

Bur Oaks (hands twisted around in strange, uncomfortable position)

And acorns down below, hey!