Buy this tree- Forest Pansy Redbud

OOOOOOOOOOOOr, find a half destroyed Charlie Brown one to fix up! I did.
Cercis canadensis 'forest pansy' is one of my favorite trees. A poor mans Japanese Maple with it's dark purple leaves, it will look wonderful against the creamy yellow of our adorable cottage (whenre the hideous overgrown Burning Bush is)and pull together with my collection of other dark foliaged plants. It gets the same fabulous Redbud blooms in spring, like Christmas lights, but different because they are flowers...
Hubba hubba.
Well, since they don't transplant well and since the top has been cracked off mine and there's another crack in it as well and since it's laying out in the yard for a few days now- um, wish me luck in getting it in the ground, creating a new central leader and bandaging up all it's wounds.
And that is my weekend, folks.

update: status of the redbud