Vintage patio furniture score!

I have had an eBay alert set for months in order to find some rad vintage furniture I could actually afford. And TA-DA!

A mere $30 and an hour in the truck (round trip) scored me this lovely trio. A love seat, chair and swivel chair. I plan on making some cushions for them, but I'm not 100% sure about my fabric color scheme yet. I'm thinking a simple sage-y green with yellow piping to contrast with out meringue yellow house with leaf green trim.

The hedge in the photo borders our front sidewalk. When I park in front and walk through the "gate" in the hedge, I have really felt that this area was a giant sucking, gaping black hole. So I want to built a sitting area right here. I want to make a series of 16 cement tiles with tumbled green glass embedded in it- how I am going do do this is still up for debate- but why wouldn't it be a piece of cake?

I am also going to take a vintage window and put legs on it so that this sitting area has a low coffee table- in a country chic style.

Do you have vintage patio furniture? please share!
I have more than just this- I can't help myself!