no time left for me...

I don't get around to blogging much anymore because my husband has become a rabid blogger himself, the computer isn't often available... so here's some stuff I've stored up for you.

Firstly, can you resist the glory of this watermelon? Being the dead of winter I may be a little more jazzed than I should be... but it's GLORIOUS...

Next- an instant garden lab from Brooklyn 5 & 10 - (they have cool stuff)

How cool would it be to have this on my desk at work?

"Garden Lab Plantariums are life-giving ecosystems in which seeds germinate. The colorful gel's transparency makes the seedling and its roots visible throughout the entire germination and plant-growth process! Plantariums work as a mini-greenhouse after the seeds are germinated in a dark room. Once a seed has grown to the top of the gel, the Plantarium is moved to a bright spot so the seedlings can thrive. When the seedlings reach the top of the vial or container, the plant can be transplanted into soil to complete its growth. The kits are recommended for ages 6 and up. Complete instructions are enclosed"

Anyone who knows me understands I like a good manifesto from time to time, Check out Fallen It's not super clear but it seems that they are all for growing more produce and less ornamentals- I'm all for that. Except then sometimes I just grow it to look at and I forget to eat it- or to give it to someone who will eat it. Wait a minute- am I the problem?

Next- a little late for this year but never too early for next year- check out this bulb tower. I had forgotten all about this- I think I tried to do it a few hundred years ago and everything rotted out... I'd try it again, it's lovely! But why do the Brits get to have all the gardening fun?

Best for last! Lose the! Yes! I swear I'd do it here if I wasn't renting. Although I can admit that not every one's house is conducive to not having a yard- ours is... What a time, money and Earth saver! Someday, I promise. I can't wait to tear out my grass and have a haven for birds, bugs and humans!