Thrift shopping haul

Daniel and I went to the Mega Thrift in Merrillville, Indiana. The name was not misleading in the least. I got all this stuff and also some not so photogenic things, like a linen sack dress I'll wear like crazy in the summer, a small white rabbit pelt, a Louisinana plate- and a tube of caulk!
all this for $40!

Great shop, can't wait to get back!

We got a giant aluminum lawn jockey with pedestal- which is something I never even thought about wanting, but for $10 I think I will paint him electric blue and give him some windchimes to hang on to...

Pansies, embroidered (45 cents)

A giant pink plastic table cloth with Edam cheese and others, I can never find a cool plastic tablecloth when I need one. Now my troubles are over! (45 cents)

I got tons of old fabric, some of it corderoy, a lovely printed bed cover ($1), some awesome books.
A 12 cent box of old Christmas cards had a birth announcement from 1942 tucked inside.
A thread rack! always wanted one... ($2)
A cool, Indian/Swedish bag... ($2.50, aside from the lawn jockey, the most expensive item)
P.S. Dan bout some 80 Christmas records...

We also got some lovely embroidered stuff, a few nice frocks, a vintage wool coat with awesome buttons (1.50) a very funny mug and a funky basket/tray thingie made of shells. Most of these things were 45 cents each!
I got something to do something crafty I saw in a magazine also but that's a separate entry.
Tiny Beatrix Potter pitcher and saucer and Aloha! muu-muu...