Virtual Thrift bonanza finds

I have a crazy week to get ready for so these are the preliminary photos- a group photo if you will... I want to take some more show-offy photos later.

We have a usual club of 3 that meets in Joliet Illinois about once a month and we hit the Unique, the Morning star Treasure Chest and the Goodwill on Hennepin

Here's what I got-

  • A deer on velvet paining $3

  • A penguin for the garden $2

  • a Mickey Mouse watch clock (plugs in!) $5

  • 2 fat bags of vintage notions (rickrack ahoy!) $3 a piece

  • My new garden Alligator "Gumbo" $2

  • A matching apron and potholder set (they weren't found together, it was a hunt) $3 and 49 cents

  • a pink Sari $3

  • a plastic horse $1

  • a red rabbit fur hat $3

  • a plaid summer 50's day dress $3

  • An Erin Fetherston for Target top, brand new $3

  • a very Parisienne off-the-shoulder stripey top $5

  • a pair of Isaac Mizrahi for Target black silk Trousers $4

  • a vintage rolling pin $2

  • an embroidered tea towel 49 cents

  • a linen towl, with awesome printing- 49 cents

  • ceramic cardinals $1.50

  • a silver Viking $2

  • a devotional candle $1
  • An embroidered painting of plants I love $3

  • 2 yards of funky ribbon trim 49 cents

  • a straw bag with lucite clasp $3

  • red bag, kicky for summer $1.30

But best of all was a gift from one of the members of our thifting club, Debi. MY husband and I are crazy about Christmas- well, he is and I'm crazy for tacky anything. She got us this AMAZING lamp/music box. I don't thing we'll ever take it down... I LOVE LAMP!