Sunday, February 17, 2008

A dream I had

I'm sure this dream was encouraged by tales of my Hubby's new-found mega-success. I dreamed we lived in an old estate with a front lawn that rolled gently down to our meandering driveway, a little like the photo but not so slanty- and it was more open... and in the middle of the lawn were 3 red, 3-compartment compost bins (just like my Daddy made me) about 50 ft. away from each other... prominently on display and in a straight line... and when people would comment on how odd it was that I had 3 compost bins in the front yard like that I replied, "that's nothing, you should see what I've got in back!"

If Daniel becomes a milli-zilionaire I won't stop going to Goodwill. At this point I don't think anything is going to change me. I just like thrifting, composting, dumpster diving and Pabst Blue Ribbon. It's just who I am...