Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner?

My Worms are here! My Dad got me a Can o' Worms for Xmas and I've been waiting on the worms since the weather has been too cold to mail them to such a wicked Northern clime. But now they are here and they haven't been here even an hour and they are already going to town on some Napa cabbage and an old bag of salad. I checked all the websites to see what I can and cannot feed the worms and no one just says WHATEVER YOU PUT IN YOUR COMPOST BIN, YOU FEED THE WORMS... because it's exactly the same, except maybe for my citrus rinds... but even those don't compost really well...

Anyway, I'm super excited and need to be reminded that cooking for the worms is not the point of the whole matter, even though I'm excited enough to make them whatever they desire.... Less waste! Less garbage! Less stinky compost bucket under the sink! Yay!