looking for signs of life a.k.a. surprise! It's a Lily!

So, as a local landscape designer I'm in different yards everyday. Today I was at a home that seemed a little advanced in it's embracing spring, whatever, it was depressing. I can't explain why the Sedum 'autum joy' were crowning, the mums were up... the non-variegated extra evil Aegopodium was everywhere and the Forsythia was about to pop.

I moved on Labor Day weekend of last year, I was under the gun to move my hundreds of dollars worth of perennials in the midst of an obscene heat wave. Most resurfaced before the frost last year but I'm nervous. I was just out poking, prodding and scraping to look for a sign of life. My Black Mondo Grass looks ok and it looks like the Lychnis never died back all the way and the Heuchera- well, what defies Heuchera?

But I have inherited a zillion damn bulbs. 99% are Daffodils. Which I don't particularly enjoy, but they are cute with this house. And then there's these Surprise Lilies which I had never really seen until I moved out here to Indiana. They grow along the roadsides and encircle every trailer park from here to the Illinois border. I probably would have found them miraculous except they moved into overdone on the day I discovered them. Oh well.