Weather or not

As a hardcore Chicagoan/Midwesterner I don't often let weather get the best of me. I've never bought an umbrella (except for my small collection of vintage ones) and I don't much meow about being cold. Actually, I prefer it to being too hot. So now here, in the almost middle of March we are presented with 4 days straight of repectable spring-like weather.

I am beside myself with anticipation. I feel like I had some doing in this weather change, like I sacrificed a virgin or something. I am a-twitter.

I am breaking out the flipflops and sundresses. It was only 26 degrees on Saturday... I thought it was nice out then... so help me but, if I had a convertible I'd be the ass driving around with the top down...

I was just fooling about the sundress, but I could wear a skirt and tights. At least.