Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Fashion+gardening= lukewarm feelings?

Ok, my deal is that I have a sense of fashion (maybe a bad one but...) and I love to garden. So a few years ago I thought it would be funny and fashioable to get myself a Carrie Brashaw style nameplate necklace... but it would say "Master Gardener"...

In theory this was a great idea, except at the time there wasn't a lot of places doing it, indeed now it's quite simple to order one up... I got one from the only place I could find that would do 2 lines... I think it was in Singapore. Anywhoo, when it came it was lovely- smaller than I had hoped but the price was great for silver!

Little did I know it would only stay "silver" for about 40 minutes after I opened the box... so I'm going to do another one- bigger and brasher!

You can really see how lame it is if you click on the photo, but it's probably more detail that anyone could possibly want. I think I can see "silver" rubbing off on my neck... but it is funny!
I'm a little red in the photo from pulling 40 decrepid bricks from UNDER my lawn.... I'll chronicle that later...