Steals and Deals!

Here's what I managed to buy this weekend even though the Chicagoland population has had to deal with total meteorological grossness this weekend.

2 roses from Big Lots, 2 for $5!

I passed a sign on the way to Chicago that said "PERENNIAL FLOWERS $1.49 EACH- 10 FOR $14" and the magnetic pull to the garden center was so strong I could hardly not go in and check it out... I bought 20 perennials and 2 4-packs of red ball cabbage. I got 2 Lavenders, 3 Princess Victoria Louise Poppies, 2 Cardinal Lobelia, 5 Delphiniums (pray for me), a mega-cute Arabis... and a bunch of other stuff... can't wait until the giant in the sky with the head cold stops spitting on us...