Variegated Butterbur!

Hello,my invasive friend! Since my days when I volunteered at the Chicago Botanic Garden I have loved Butterbur. Because they have it there, get it?
I have explained many times that it's early spring blooms look like a Sedum and a shrimp (prawns for those in the UK) had a love child. Positively Tim Burton. After blooming they set themselves to the task of total global domination.
That being said, I killed one last year by planting it in well drained soil and watering it regularly. It needs to live in a wet muck pile to accomplish it's manifesto.
Now I have it in a bucket full o' water next to my front door... He's waiting for the rest of the party to appear later this week- some Papyrus, Alternantherea- dunno what else.
I've said it before, I love a big leaf. You just wait until I can get me a Gunnera....