Make new friends! (but keep the old...)

Yes. I have worn these Birkenstock Super Birkis into the ground. I believe they were a good $80 when I bought them a few summers back, I loved them for how they made me look like a garden gnome. The bottoms are worn out and I slide all over the place, so it's hardy worth buying new inserts for them.

So we went to DSW and bought these Dr. Scholl's (but in black), I have blogged about something similar in the past, but these are way better. I didn't take a photo of my new shoes because I don't want to take them off. They feel yummy. And they wre about $30!

Now, I understand that they are conventionally ugly. I don't care for Crocs much. I love clogs in every facet though. At work I slosh through disgusting puddles of stank-ass water all day and I believe that these will help me rise above those puddles (physically, not emotionally) and keep me dry. I love my toes but the pedicure ritual isn't working so I might as well keep 'em covered.
I'll let you know in a couple of years how they worked out...
But you know I'm keeping those Birkis for just gardening around the house... maybe someday I'll bronze them!