Migraines and Compost

I have a really bad migraine today. I've had it since about 9 am and that's about 12 hours ago. To some people a migraine is what they call any bad headache- but those who have them know it's a whole other ballgame. My migraines are peculiar in a few ways, firstly I pretty much only get them this time of year. I'm certain they are triggered by light. The worst part is the "before" part, I am sensitive to light and sound, I see insane "auras" which make it hard to walk or drive and actually have a hard time talking and filtering myself when I do talk. The headache itself is a piece of cake comapred to the craziness that comes before.
Naturally, I was with a cherished customer when it set in and I choose to not explain it but muddle through. As it'a 12 hours later, 2 Ibuprofin and one Vicodin later and I still want to hop off a cliff... I guess it was the wrong decision.

At some point I had enough of just laying around with a cold Hello Kitty towel on my head and Dan isn't understanding of the level of quiet I need when I'm migraining so I choose to go out and concentrate on some yardwork, which wasn't an awful decision.

I hacked into my compost heap. I've been concerned lately by the gourds, tomatoes, potatoes and other things that have been growing outta my heap. Not getting hot enough? I've been thinking about a compost thermometer. But I'm cheap, so I dug down in there and it was red freakin' hot. I mean, crack out the marshmallows and graham crackers! yay!
I do a lotta things right when it comes to composting but a great thing I did recently was drag about 50 pounds of string algae I skimmed off a customer's pond and dump it in my bin. I think that' turned up the heat. Did I mention it was hot?