Horticultural elitism: the Ditch Lily

The Ditch Lilies have just started blooming, in every ditch, looped around every telephone pole and leaning over every decrepit fence. When I worked in a garden center, we would get phone calls of people trying to source some because they wanted some for their yard. I understand why people want them, they know they will work, but there's other options, people! Just do your homework.

I've spent a combined several weeks of my life pulling them out in different residences and for customers- which is hard- they have the determination of Scarlett O'Hara and the Terminator all wrapped into a lanky orange wrapper.

I know I'm an elitist when it comes to plants but it's not my fault everyone uses the same 8 plants and there's 7 trillion cool ones out there.
I'm trying to think about what other plants value as little as the Ditch Lily... um, Bishop's Weed? I love an invasive plant (when handled correctly, of course) but Ditch Lilies just suck...

What sucks just as much? we don't have Kudzu here yet... who has something that sucks more???