Buy one cucumber, get 9 free! (or, what to do with all those cucumbers you grew)

My favorite all time thing to do with the zillion cucumbers I've been bringing in from the TWO seeds I planted is...

Slice them thinly with the Cuisinart, toss in some tomatoes (but they are a supporting role! Don't make this about the tomatoes!) take those 2 ingredients and slap them into a colander and salt the bejeezus out of them. Let drain for about an hour. I don't de-seed them or un-skin them.

Add a bunch of cilantro, an onion (I prefer red onions for this, but I'm not picky) or 2 and some jalapenos. Juice more limes that you could imagine would taste good (there's 7 or 8 in this giant batch) and add more vinegar than makes any sense. Originally there was a call for olive oil in this mix, but it isn't needed and just adds a fat, albeit a tasty and beneficial one. Oh, they MUST be fresh limes, the bottle kind is too sweet and it will make everything gross.

You will need even more salt. Salt it up.Let sit over night.
It's a delicious, addicting side dish or on hot nights when I can't bear eating anything even warm I eat it for dinner. It's super filling for like, a whole 45 minutes. But I think this is one of those super foods that takes more energy to digest that there are actual calories in it.

I didn't put barely any tomatoes in this batch due to a BLT eating contest we had over here this weekend... is that TMI???