Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Third time's a charm?

If you kill a plant, how many times do you try it again? In the same exact spot or a different one?

I bought a lovely Clematis tangutica today but I wasn't going to tell you. I bought one a year ago and blogged about it but it never came up this spring. I'm going to rerun the new one pretty much in the same area I put the last one... a big no-no with Clematis but...

and my Crambe cordifolia? Dying a long, tortured death- I'm already looking for a new one to put in that same spot... It's not even dead yet!

I was talking to Carol over at Windy Ridge, my local crack house ($5 Buddleia?? you have to be kidding? I'll take 4 dozen!) about this, 3 reruns was her lucky number. I think mine is too for stuff I really want. I killed 2 Echinops ritro in the same spot this year, and that's pretty much a weed- did the 3rd one in a different spot... I think I killed a couple Verbascum 'lemon sorbet' and I'm really pondering making that mistake a few more times...

What's your most desperate story?