Kiss my Aster!: week in review


I've been quiet- too quiet to even post some Vintage Garden Ideas.

It's been a little mess called an inner ear infection and some sort of geegaw in my throat. I've been very, very dizzy, much more than normal. I went from 5-beers-dizziness to 7-beers-dizziness and now I'm back to 1-beer-dizziness. I'm recovering but it was an icky week and I don't get any paid time off and that, icky.

Also, it was my 4th wedding anniversary. Yay us! Too bad I was too sick to really care. The 4th year is fruit or flowers so we just looked at the Ball Seed catalog together. Like I said, I wasn't feeling well.

And who knew a hurricane would impact Northern Indian so much? I have a lake in my basement and all the roads are closed. However, my variegated Arundo donax has grown 4 feet in 3 days.

I'll get back on the horse this week, pinky swear.