Vote early, vote often

I do come from Chicago so naturally I have a true voting story to tell. When I first arrived in Chicago I registered to vote at the Bucktown library. A few weeks later a voter registration card came in the mail. Months later, right before an election, a new card comes. I do not question this I just stick it in my bag with the other one. I go to vote on Election Day, a few houses down is the firehouse on Damen- my polling place. There is a scary man outside on the sidewalk asking me out of the corner of his mouth if I am a democrat. I replied, "Naturally" (because this is Chicago, you see).

I get inside and show the polling people my 2 voter cards and they get a little laugh over it,"oh ho, you have 2, ha ha!" and then one leans in and says, "are you a democrat? did you want to vote twice?" and I reply that I'm a little short on time and I'd really only like to vote the once.

And then we got this second term of George Bush. Oops.

Anywhoo- I'm up for best blog name on Blotanical. It's really between me and I Wet My Plants because that's a f*$#ing funny name right there! Not funny enough that I didn't vote for myself, naturally... I am from Chicago after all...