I like your Blog

Ok, don't get impatient. I'm going to do a lot of these. Because I like your blog too. I mean it. We're BFFs, right? Cool, stay sweet.

Ok, today this blog, Studio G, found me. It's refined, organized, has excellent photos, it's design-y and uncluttered. All the things I'm not.

It's also very clever. This 50 states of natives thing is so great it makes me wish I liked natives... oops, I mean OF COURSE I love natives. I love them more than you do, darling. Yes, of course I do.

Ok, back on track. The 50 States features a different state and it's native plants... a little blurb , an excellent photo mosaic... I've chose this one to show you the splendor of it all... Just randomly I picked Hawaii... No real reason, at all, I'm sure...

I'm hoping photos of myself will be featured on both Illinois AND Indiana... I'll gladly dress as a Bracken Fern if it helps...

It's fabulous, just check it out.