If I say "potato" and you say "potatio"...

Nerd alert. I love botanic Latin. It is my gardening gospel and one thing in this crazy world of mine that's real, concrete and I can count on it. Actaea vs. Cimicifuga aside.

I get excited when I see pictures of Linnaeus.

Ok, so you get it.

There are a few hideously mispronounced plant names that drive me crazy. I'm not talking about people just putting the accent on the wrong syllable or anything... I'm talking about people adding syllables and ignoring others... The one on my mind today is Weigela. 9 times out of 10 I hear this pronounced as "Weigeel-EE-a". Where does that come from??? Sound it out people! A guy named Weigel discovered it, they added an "a" to the end of his name.

'nuff said.

But before you think I'm a freak-show (I am so...whatever...) I do think it's cute that a chick at work calls the Filipendula, "flipendula"...
What plant names cheese you off?