Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Last of the Moquito Dunks

I heard they stopped making Moquito Dunks, which is crazy because I love them. Especially when you dip them in a little French roast first thing in the morning...

Seriously. I bought an ass-ton at a local greenhouse because they were on clearance for pennies, my Dad went back and bought the rest. My husband says they are on the lookout for them at work because they stopped making them, but I see scads on the internet.

Anyone know the story?

Moquito dunks work, dude. They are awesome.

I Initially started using them at the really awful indoor plant rental place I worked for in Chicago that I won't name here, because it was just that awful of a place to work... Boy, it was baaaaaaaaad... Whew...

The service techs would over water the plants and then these poor office people in cubicles would have to deal with fungus gnats... so I'd crumble up a teensy piece of Mosquito Dunk and voila.... no more gnats...

I toss tiny chunks in my outdoor water gardens and even in Penny's watering vat, and aside form his 3rd eye and insatiable energy level I haven't noticed any effects of BTi (Bacillus thuringienis israelensis) on my dog. Or my plants.

So anyone have the story on Mosquito Dunks?