Lemon Lime Chocolate Wine

It's true that I prefer a monochromatic garden. I see so many gardens that just look like somebody vomited a rainbow everywhere. I like to keep it a little more mellow...but I don't think anyone would call my style too "matchy-matchy" either...
So, our little rental cottage is painted yellow with sage trim, so in front I've gone all lime and lemon. But with serious punches of chocolate and whine, I mean wine.

for lemon/lime I already have...
1. Alchemilla mollis Ladies Mantle
2. Euphorbias... up the ass
3. Hydrangea 'limelight'
4. Yucca 'color guard'
5. Agastache neon-freaking-yellow
6. Iris aureomarginata
7. Sedum 'Angelina'
8. Lysimachia aurea
9. Hakonechloa grass
10. Clematis tangutica

for chocolate and wine?
1. Ligularia 'Britt-Marie Crawford'
2. Hemerocallis 'American revolution'
3. Chocollate Eupatorium
4. Rodgersia 'chocolate wings'
5. Cimicifuga 'black negligee'
6. Chocolate Cosmos
7. Black Mondo Grass
8. Some mystery Bearded Iris- darkity dark dark!
9. Bronze Fennel- can't get out of bed without it
10. Heuchera 'obsidian'

What am I missing?