Plants for my Star Wars garden...

When I worked at my first garden center, one of the Sacred Coventant of Holy Learned Extraordinary Perennials Sages (SCHLEPS) told me of her "faerie garden" that had a tiny house and a little fence and I'm all..."YAWN! Were you talking to me?"
Then she said,"But there aren't faeries in it, I put Stormtroopers all over it like they killed the faeries"
I came home and told my mom I was a flight risk, this lady at work was allllllllllllllllright!

So, for Connie- and naturally Jeanette, Mother of the SCHLEPS... plants I'd have in my Star Wars garden...

1. Hemerocallis 'Princess Leia"
2. Lilium 'starfighter'
3. Magnolia 'Star Wars"
4. Hemerocallis 'wild Wookie (sic)"

What else can you think of?

Darth Martha's galoshes rock!

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