Ye Olde Garden Shoppe

A gaquillion years ago when I was working at a posh garden center in Chicago, we got to make the entry container display for the Sheffield Garden Walk- which is pretty posh itself. A nice little multi-zillion dollar garden walk with a garden of a different kind at the end... a Beer Garden, block party style- with bands and food- you name it.

So I'm all excited about the complete honor it is to have containers I make on display at the gates of the damn thing... So I plot and I labor...

We had AWESOME cedar planter boxes made by rehabilitated armless lumberjacks in Maine or something so I got some casters to put on the bottom because we would have to be delivering these the day of the event. Just roll them up the ramp of the box truck, roll the down and POOF! It's a display!

The theme was Victorian Tropical- which is an awesome theme to run with. The centerpiece of all this hulabaloo was a large square box with a Triangle Palm in the center, framed with the tiniest Boxwood hedge EVER and jammed full of Purple Heart (Tradescantia pallida) brimming over the top of the hedge.

I made the hedge by using about 20 1 gallon Boxwoods at about $20 each= $400

The Triangle Palm wasn't cheap... =$125

The Purple Heart was... except I used a LOT of it... 20 @ $6= $180

6 bags of premium potting soil? =$80

The hand hewn, lumberjack crafted box? = $190


Well, we maybe shoulda spent a little more on the casters. The day of the shindig the casters get caught on the bricks and the whole damn thing disintegrates. Do you know how hard it is to rehabilitate a tiny hedge?

Next to damn impossible.

I labored and plotted and time was out. We got the-shadow-of-its-former-self up there on that box truck and delivered it to the gates of the block party...

Only to have it be used as a trash/cigarette butt receptacle by Chicago's garden elite...