Doggie Potty- for the lack of a better title

I know how convenient it is to take a plastic bag, scoop that poop, tie it off and throw it away. But then that completely degradable poop is now steaming away in a non-degradable bag at a landfill for centuries to come. And that steams me away. So I made a dog toilet. And no I'm not going to take a photo of it because...
  1. It's cold and yucky out, see yesterday's post

  2. I have my pajamas on

  3. It really doesn't look like anything
Here's what you need...
  • A plant bucket, the kind you get perennials in. This should be sized according to your dog's size

For my 75 pound brat, I'm using a 5 gallon pot (or a #5 in the world of regulations)- if you have a MinPin you could get by with a 1 gallon.... a Mastiff? Try a #15... I'm sure you could use anything with holes at the bottom, but we're all gardeners here... why not recycle something that's just laying around?

  • A shovel

  • A large piece of flagstone, not too big too lift- but big enough to work as a "lid" for the container

  • An old tin, lunchbox or vintage Tupperware...and Ziploc bags

  • A 50 pound bag of lime

Site selection: Mine is right under a massive Castor Bean...well, it was a massive Castor Bean until this week (again , see yesterday's post)... now it just looks like a massive drying rack for dead leaves.. anywhoo, the poop certainly didn't have any effect on it at all. I wouldn't do it near anything edible... do I even have to mention that??? I have made sure mine gets all the benefits of the elements, sun and rain... Just like compost...

Step 1: Dig a deep-ass, super-wide hole big enough to sit your pot in- making sure that the rim of the pot, or top 1" or so is ABOVE the hole

Step 2: Back fill so that the pot fits into the ground tightly

Step 3: Put the flagstone "lid" on it, the lid should sit up a little since you didn't completely sink the pot, this lends less grossability and easier access

Step 4: Take your massive bag of lime and split it up into like, 10 Ziploc bags... this sure looks like you're divvying a massive score so it's an inopportune moment for a neighbor or, say policeman to come by... You will have enough lime for many, many years worth of poop.

Step 5: Put a portion of the lime in a water-proof container to set out by your "potty" for easy accessibility- Mine is in a vintage lunch box shaped like a globe. I have a tiny scoop for mine, you may want one too.

Step 6: Scoop them poops! Toss 'em in and top dress with a sprinkle of lime, put the lid back and VOILA!

You'll be amazed how fast it breaks down and I feel much better about sending less to the landfill. My dog, however, doesn't give a shit whether it goes to the landfill or not.

Get it? Huh?