Help Wanted/Auditions: Must love vintage

Ok, in order to do the things I want to with this blog I need another set of hands. It's more than that, of course- I need a partner in crime.

  • Live in Northwestern Indiana
  • Seek mischief daily
  • Don't see anything dysfunctional about Lucy and Ethel's friendship
  • Have an excellent sense of humor
  • Have time to spend getting in to trouble on evenings and weekends
  • Don't mind getting dirty
  • Know how to work a camera and you're not afraid to be in front of one, either..
  • Will never call me during Gossip Girl


  • You love gardening, crafting and junking
  • Know every episode of Absolutely Fabulous, even the new ones...
  • You are a Saab mechanic
  • Don't mind an occasional cocktail...
  • You have a Twitter account
  • You own a pick-up truck (or we can use mine!)
  • Don't think it's nuts to drive 2-3 hours to go look at plants
  • You own your own Felcos (and know how to use them)

Compensation: You will have a plantaholic at your fingertips for a complete (documented on KmA!) garden makeover and hours of drunken weeding performed by myself, while singing sea shanties. Also, I will hem pants for you.

Sounds like a fair trade-off right? Ok, email me at to set up an audition. Work begins in the spring, if not sooner. Let's get some wacky gardening vids up on YouTube!