Indiana: Blue state Me: need a blue garden

I already told you that I had a color scheme in the front yard. The back's "theme" color is blue. I have blue flowers and blue tschotchke acccented with a lot of pink, red and black. Here's what I've got on my plate:

1. Stokesia- I don't know the cultivar, it's not so purple, I swear!

2. Buddleia -somewhat purple

3. Baptisia- Hmmmm, if it's called False Indigo how blue can it be?

4. Clematis 'multi-blue' - I'm going by the name, it's quite purple...

5. Borage- totally and completely blue

6. Nepeta - boring and blue...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

7. Delphinium - so far, so good... should be blue... if they live

8. Elymus arenarius -Blue Dune Grass -super blue, probably because the dunes are within spitting distance?

9. Playcodon 'sentimental blue' - name says it all, but I think it's purple

10. Centaurea montana -my kind of weed! Totally blue...

There's a whole lot else out there... what else do you think I should have?