A Strong Case against Fall Clean-ups

This is just a random person's yard but... if they had already cleaned it up they wouldn't have this awesome Iris blooming in November. I loooove it.

I'e been having a helluva time with my Comcast lately- like for months but especially bad now. So I'm a little behind in my blogging.

So let me squeeze this in.

I am so happy and relieved that Barack Obama was elected, I worked really hard in Indiana to try and do my part but and I was wishing I had done more... but apparently it worked out the way I wanted it to! I am really proud Indiana pulled it off. It was beautiful to see the volunteers coming in by the truckloads, especially the ones that came in form Chicago. Sadly, I've heard a ton of really stupid, racist things sice the election but... whatever, I lived with Bush for 8 years so they can piss off! And we won, so, whatever!

Thanks for being wonderful, thatnks for all your emails and Tweets... and I have some awesome stuff for you as soon as Comcast will let me.

Because they suck.