2008 Yearbook: Gone but not Forgotten

I was out in this crazy weather to do some outdoorsy stuff I've been procrastinating on. Mainly, putting away the gourdy autumnal display and putting up the wintery Christmas one. I'm certain Martha doesn't do outdoor wintery chores in a vintage Prince concert shirt, pink sweat pants and toe socks with clogs.

While out in the yard- I had a bit of a garden reunion- I saw all my old friends, now not looking so hot (or looking surprisingly awesome, more on that later). When I saw the carcass of my Eupatorium 'elegant feathers' I heard myself "awwww..." with disappointment. I really liked this plant.

I bought it late in the season, on sale for a few bucks. It was busting out of it's pot, but the sun was in it's heart and it was ready for love. (KmA points if you comment on what that's from)

I stuck its featheriness next to my Sambucus 'blacker than black' (that cultivar doesn't really exist,but it should and it was time for a Spinal Tap reference) and they grew together for the rest of the season looking fabulous together. I even captured some pretty good photos of the phenomena which I moved to our external drive and now I can't get them back. Here's one I posted in August.

So Eupatorium 'elegant feathers'? We were BFFs if only for a summer, stay sweet. K.I.T. I hope you come back from seed... and if you do? See ya next year!

(even though I heard you were sterile... whatev!)