5 days to go...

So in 5 days there will be a lot less action around here. Basically there will be all the old stuff... and a link to follow me over to Horticulture's website where I will be merrily blogging away.

Excited? You betcha! (it's not like it's Birds & Blooms, people! This is Horticulture!!)

Scared? you bet. I don't think I'll make fun of Birds & Blooms on their watch. It's frightening to make a leap from a situation in which I have no one to please but myself... to trying to please the masses. But it's what I deeply, DEEPLY crave even though I've done just about everything in my power to make you think I didn't even care...
For example, after I entered the contest for Horticulture I kind of forgot about it and then went on a political, thong and f-word-in-the-garden bender.
Once I did the math I figured there was noooooooo way I had a chance... So I introduced some gnome porn in to the mix.
When I got the email from Horticulture telling me that I'd won... I assumed it was going to be a legal notice asking me to cease-and-desist with the scanning of old Horticultures from the 40's.
"We have noticed you post scans from old issues of Horticulture and also photos of a pornucopia? This is unacceptable and it must end immediately."
But no, they are totally rad over there and I just couldn't be more pleased. It's like Masterpiece Theater taking on Kathy Griffin as a host and they know it!
(** I love Masterpiece Theater and would not be thrilled to hear Elizabeth say "Wtf, Darcy?? Why are you such an ass-wipe??" I do think some things are better left, um, traditional)
As an aside, if you miss some of the more inappropriate stuff... I'm actually writing a gardening book. It will be the first NC17 gardening book, ever. I'm not gonna tell you what it's about... and the title is top secret... not that anyone would want to read it, but it sure will be fun to write!
I just decided to write a book a few weeks ago with an announcement to my family about it on Dan's birthday on the 11th... and then THIS happened. Isn't it strange? Aren't I strange?

Well, I hope you'll follow me over there. I'd really appreciate a holla' back...
Will I see you there?