All I want for Christmas is my '86 Saab...

Saab's been down and out. All I want is to bathe in the luxury of her Swedishness. It probably won't happen before the 25th... so I've come up with a list of other things I may want for Christmas...
  1. A new radio for above mentioned vehicle. I want to plug my iPod into it.
  2. A jump start-y battery pack thingie, for above vehicle- for just in case...ok, ok- for just about every day
  3. A Bedazzler, having nothing to do with the Saab
  4. Stripe-y, funny socks. I tend to hold on to socks for too long. I have some Fido Dido ones from the early 90s in my drawer right now. No kidding.
  5. Burt's Bees Lip Balm, at $3 each I think it's a luxury. I know that's nutso but that's the sort of frugality you're dealing with.
  6. A new big bottle of Dr. Bronner's Lavender
  7. A Dremel tool. I need to drill and sand tiny things.
  8. These mukluk slippers from Target They too are stripe-y.
  9. A new tattoo- I have just the one in mind, please Santa?
  10. Custom Sven Clogs - as Swedish as the Saab
  11. A new nameplate necklace, I ordered a Master Gardener one... It was a bit of a let down, I want a BIGGER one that says Kiss My Aster!... why not?

What's on your list?