All together: "How cold is it???"

When I looked at today it said "2 degrees (feels like 9 below)"...

Apparently it's too cold in Plant Holding and Staging Area #2... Once a porch that someone walled in a long time ago. It's weather proof but there's no heat out there... Loads of sun, great for most plants... This Philodendron prefers other lodging, I guess... He looks like someone beat him with a plugged in curling iron...

I am feeling a little like Mr Selloum here. Beat and needing shelter from the cold... There are germs aplenty at work that I try hard to evade. I should have bought stock in Emergen-C.
Either there's someone ringing a bell for the Salvation Army in front of our house or my ears are ringing. Both are possible, I guess.
I'm taking a long hot bath (the Shumway catalog came... good tub reading) and hitting the sack mega early.
I don't even want to talk about the chance of being sick for Christmas.

9 days 'til the switch to
Are you with me?