Basically, it's alright to admit you're an idiot

When I was a double-knit polyester, bell bottom pants wearing little girl of the 1970's I watched a show on PBS called The Electric Company. Many of the skits and songs from this TV show became family lore and often referenced daily. To this day when spelling "pollution", "motion" or "participation" I will sing "T-I-O-N, shun, shun, shun, shun" to myself quietly.

One of the most memorable, and I'm not sure for what reason, was a sad song sung by a chef in a restaurant.... woefully singing that he couldn't tell a cabbage from a lettuce. I've looked everywhere on YouTube, can't find it. I could find T-I-O-N though, so enjoy it.

The moral of this song was, to me, that it was OK to admit that you don't know something- somethings can't be helped... Cabbages and Lettuces look similar. They just do.

Well, I have a hell of a time keeping my Heliopsis and Helianthus separate in my mind. It doesn't help that they are next to each other in every book, catalog and on the shelves at nurseries. It doesn't help that the common names are Perennial Sunflower and False Sunflower. I mean really. Give me something to grasp on to!

It doesn't help that Heliopsis is often helianthoides, right? Ugh.

If anyone have a mnemonic for me I'll gladly take it. Or a catchy song and accompanying trippy cartoon...