BloGo: what? A corrupt Chicago politician?

Yeah, so every one's talking about BloGo. Abbreviated from Governor Blagojevich. It's just too much to type.
I thought I'd share this random and almost COMPLETELY unrelated thought.
Previous to moving to Indiana, we lived in a neighborhood of Chicago called Old Irving Park, or maybe it was Avondale... depends on who you talk to. Anyways, there was a Taste of Romania on the parking lot of the K-Mart on Addison at the Kennedy and we could walk there easily so...although not Romanian we thought we'd give it a try. I liked the food, Dan didn't- just like everything else we try. It was kind of a small, lame festival. I guess there's not a lot of Romanians in Chicago on a Sunday afternoon?
The BloGo showed up and the place went apeshit. Entourage, media... you name it!
We don't roll like that so we went home.