Sunday, December 28, 2008

The gift that keeps on giving... and stinking...

True: worm bins do not stink up your house (but only because the stink is contained INSIDE the worm bin- there IS stink!)
I just got done separating a load of worms to give to one of the 2 people I bullied in to getting a worm bin for Christmas. It was unpleasant work. The little fellers weren't cooperative and didn't leap into the box from the bin, as I had hoped. Now my house smells of rotting stuff... but it'll get better.

I got a lot of worm juice too. Good as gold, the worm juice...

It was a little like an archaeological dig in there, small pieces of the plastic windows from envelopes, what I think used to be avocado pits, egg shells... what do worm eggs look like? Ew, I Googled it. Yeah, I found a ton of those. I could go back in there and take a cool photo but... yeah, NO.

So, Vanessa. Dump the box in to the bin, wrapping material and all. You can even tear up the cardboard box and throw it in there (take off as much tape as you can) Take it slow the first couple weeks... by spring they will be rock star worms!