I know what I said, this is just an exception...

In this previous post, I whined about how people mispronounce plant names by just being too lazy to sound things out or by adding syllables for no good reason.

I can't bring myself to say "Poinsett-I-a". I know it's correct. I can't help it.

People ask me alll the time if it's correct, I tell them it is and then I proceed to pronounce it wrong. It's some sort of massive stumbling block.

Discovered by Joel Poinsett in 1828, the Poinsettia is my least favorite member of the Euphorbia family.

If you've ever worked in indoor plant rentals you'll know why. Although when I worked in plant rentals, I did have his photo on my desk in tribute.

It was the least I could do since I plan I mispronouncing his plant for the rest of my life.