Vikings, Christmas, chili and kittens...

It's balls-out Christmas over here. We're defrosting the tree and decorating like Christmas is just next week!
I bought this nutcracker at a thrift store for $6 recently. He's a viking. I have a softness for Vikings for a few reasons...
1. Scandinavian heritage
2. They aren't as overexposed as pirates are, therefore they are way cooler
3. The town I live in has The Valparaiso Vikings, I don't know what they do... but I see the signs everywhere... "Go Vikings!"... My guess is some sort of sports? Or they, like me, are really into vikings around here...?
4. On a related note, there is a restaurant here in town called The Viking Chili Bowl. Which is just an excellent name. Just an ok restaurant.
5. This video. Is by far. The best viking thing ever.