Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Once and Future Aster

Ok, here's the scoop...
I wrote this blog for a couple of years- then I got paid to blog exclusively at Horticulture magazine's website for 2 and a half years... I posted some of the links to the blog posts from those posts, but I didn't do a great job at it. Some day I'll get them all up and label them "The Horticulture Years" so they are easily accessible.
Now I'm writing here again and more awesomely, at Fine Gardening's website starting this Friday. I'll keep track of those blog post here also under the heading "Kiss My Aster 2.0 at Fine Gardening".

On this site I'll be writing about the more dumb things in my life, saving the yummier posts for Fine Gardening. Got it?

Yeah, it sucks to be popular...