Thrift Store Adventures

Here's what I picked up this week....
A little suitcase with all the makings for a drunken night out, a handmade quit from the 70s that contains scraps from the 30s and 40s, a 1940s floral window panel, ae early 60s rayon floral print dress, a 70s Asian quilted jacket and an 80s candy striper dress in a 50s silhouette.The bowl matches my grandparents' china, which reminds me of Echinops ritro. 2 little figurines in front, he's playing bass and she's got a violin. A Berggren cutting board...23 Best in Children's books- I've never seen more than 1 or 2 for sale, 23 is pretty astounding out of the 43 they made. 1959-- AWESOME graphics inside!! Some are even by Andy Warhol!
Hand embroidered- unusual and awesome subject matter!
Under it is a German tea towel and the loveliest gauzy kitchen curtain you've ever seen...I can't pass up Dutch shoes, so 2 of them, under that is a 40s tea towel (never used), 2 old tablecloths in pristine condition and a weird piece of terry cloth in a fruit print (also a table cloth?). Also there's a cute lil' apron wedged in there and a large martini shaker that used to be gold on the bottom and now it is a little less so. I bet it can still make a martini, regardless.

All this? Less than $60.