This week at the thrift stores

God, it really looks like I go shopping all the time. Maybe I do. I dunno. It lifts all my stresses to come home with a trunk full of bowling balls, which I totally did this week.
A vintage stripey shirt dress (NWT!), some rolled Japanese paper, a pink tile trivet, a Berggren coffee pot I think will clean up nicely! A OJ carafe, a bedside water carafe, an AWESOME copy of Garden Magic (1947-- more of that later!), some repro vintage wallpaper border, a book on letter writing, vintage nautical fabric, a wool car blanket (Dan collects- they look so great stacked!), 2 little herb printed jars and a pansy wall hangy thing.Oh, and the Cooky book! Awesome! She wrote notes in it as to what worled well! Some Dutch shoes, anold Christmas tablecloth and some funky vintage angels...
And ONE Bakelite butter knife. Most importantly..